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I currently hold Mining/Quarrying Lease, Surface Collection Permits.
I wish to make Mining/Exploration/Surface Collection applications.
I have not received the registration email from the MAS portal.
I have not received email notifications from the MAS portal.
How to obtain Exploration License (EL), Mining Lease (ML)?
Which Sectoral clearances are required for an Exploration License?
What is the total area permitted for prospecting and exploration?
What is the validity for the prospecting and exploration license?
How many prospecting/Exploration License is allowed for a person to hold at a time?
Can I transfer my prospecting/exploration license to a third party?
How many mines can an individual/enterprise/company obtain/operate at any point of time?
My application has a status of: Pending Payment and Documentation Verifications, what does this mean?
How would I know when to renew my lease?
How would I know when to renew my Environmental Clearance (EC)?
How do I pay the Mineral rent & Royalties ?
How do I put the Transport Permit (TP) requisition?
How do I put up my explosive requisition?
Where can I view my annual performance ratings?
What are the DGM related services I can avail?
What payment methods can I use?
How do I make a bank transfer?
I received an email telling me that my payment was rejected. What do I do now?
What samples do you test in the chemical laboratory?
How do I submit a sample?
What is the quantity of sample that I need to send?
How do I pay for the test?
What are the lab test charges?
What is your turnaround time?
How do you report results?
What are your receiving hours and contact information for your laboratory?
Why is DGM closed on Saturdays and Sundays?

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