# Major Services Description and Sub Services
1 Geological Mapping Mapping of geology for: (1) discovery of mineral resources, and (2) mine and other land-use planning and development
2 Mineral Prospecting Initial evaluation of geological potential of identified mineral resources
3 Mineral Exploration Detailed Geological exploration of mineral deposits to acertain geological feasibility with high degree of accuracy and confidence.
4 Engineering Geoloy and Geotechnical investigation Investigation include preliminary to detailed study of landslide, slope stabilility and site suitability for construction of roads, bridges, buildings etc.
5 Study of construction material Detailed geological study of construction material (boulders, aggregates, sand, slabs etc.) site to ascertain geological feasibility with high degree of accuracy and confidence.
6 Mineral and Rock Sampling Random to drill core sampling for laboratory analysis depending on scope of work
7 Geological Core Logging Detailed geological logging of drill cores of mineral and rocks for analysis and interpretation purpose
8 Survey and GIS Topographical survey and GIS for geological and mining feasibility study of mineral and construction material deposits
9 Drilling Diamond drilling for mineral exploration, geotechnical investigation and groundwater exploration
10 Identification of Minerals and Rocks Identification of rocks and minerals based on physical and chemical property test. Test also include a field XRF analyzer.
11 Chemical Laboratory Analytical Services 1. Gravimetric, volumetric and spectrometric tests to determine major oxide composition of rock and mineral samples (silicates, carbonates, sulphides, oxides, rocks and ores) by acid digestion for identification of minerals and rocks, prospecting and exploration. 2. Water quality analysis for parameters: pH, Calcium (Ca), Magnesium(Mg), Sulphate (SO4), Chloride (Cl), Sodium (Na), Potassium (K), Total Hardness, Total Alkalinity, Total Solids (TS), Total Suspended Solids (TSS) & Total Dissoloved Solids (TDS)
12 Geotechnical Laboratory Tests Tests on Soil 1. SPT for Bearing Capacity 2. PPT for Bearing Capacity 3. Sieve Analysis 4. Water Content 5. Specific Gravity 6. Bulk Density 7. Atterberg Limit 8. Plasticity 9. Hydrometer Test Tests on Rock 1. Aggregate Impact Value (AIV) 2. Point Load Test 3. Porosity 4. Schmidt Hammer Rebound test
13 Geological and Mineral Resources Information Geotechnical Laboratory Tests
14 Lecturing Services Guest lecturing services to university and school institutions on geosciences and mineral resources.

Fees/Charges for Chemical Laboratory Analytical Services:
# Name of Tests Rate (Nu.) Quantity of sample required Turn Around Time
Tests for Rocks and Minerals
1 Quantitative chemical analysis of rocks & mineral samples for major, minor & trace elements(SiO2, MgCO3, Moisture and Loss on Ignition, Na2O, K2O, Cu, Pb, Zn, Mn, Ni) 3000.00 per sample 3-5kgs All laboratory analysis are done on "first come first serve" basis. Sample test reports will usually be availiable within one week from the receipt of samples, provided there are no sample backlogs, national holidays and technical issues such as a powercuts, equipment breakdown and water problem.
2 Quantitative chemical analysis of limestone, Dolomite, Quartzite, Phyllite, Gypsum & Iron-Ore for major element determination(SiO2, acid insoluble, R2O3, CaO, MgO, CaCO3, MgCO3 & L.O.I) 2000.00 per sample 3-5kgs
3 Determination of trace elements in rock samples(Up-to 7 elements)by AAS method. 2000.00 per sample 3-5kgs
4 Proximate analysis of coal(Volatile matter, Ash Content, moisture & fixed carbon) 1500.00 per sample 3-5kgs
5 (Physical and Inorganic parameters by rapid method and AAS method (PH, TS, TSS, TDS, conductivity, total hardness, alkalinity, sulphate, calcium, sodium, chloride, potassium, iron, copper, lead, zinc and manganese) 1500.00 per sample Minimum of 2 litres

Fees/Charges for Geo-Technical Laboratory Analytical Services:
# Name of Tests Purpose Methods/Equipment Rate(Nu.) Quantity of sample required Remarks
Tests for Soil Sample
1 Standard Penetration Test (SPT) To determine the relative density and the bearing capacity of soil. The test procedure is described in ISO 22476- 3, ASTM D1586 and Australian Standards AS 1289.6.3.1. 7,500.00 per pit/ per borehole NA Test carried out with drilling on-site, only disturbed samples retrieved which cannot be used for tests.
2 Portable Penetration Test (PPT) To determine the bearing capacity of soil. Portable Penetrometer. 5,000.00 per pit NA Test carried out along with or without pitting at the site. Can penetrate ground up to 2m.
3 Particle size distribution test or Sieve Analysis Particle size analysis for soil classification Sieve analysis (Dry and Wet) for coarse grained particle size down to fine sand. Hydrometer test is carried out for fine grained soil like silt and clay. Sieve analysis-225.00 per sample. Hydrometer test- 975.00 per sample. Sieve Analysis: 2-3 kg. Hydrometer test: 2 kg. Sieve analysis done for coarse grained soil and hydrometer is done for finer grained soil- to differentiate between different types of silt and clay
4 Atterberg Limits (Index of Plasticity) Tests Classification of fine-grained cohesive soil as well as determination of other engineering properties of soil. Liquid limit using Casagrande cup. 975.00 per sample 2 kg/td> A major component in classification of finegrained, cohesive soil. Also determines the liquid limit, plastic limit, index of plasticity.
5 Bulk Density and Dry density test To determine the bulk density and dry density of the soil. Linear measurement method, Immersion in water method and water displacement method. 825.00 per sample 2 kg Samples usually collected using a bulk density tube.
6 Water content Test To determine water content of soil sample as it was sampled in the field/in-situ. Oven dry method. 975.00 per sample 1 kg Samples must be properly sealed and packed so that the water content of the sample does not change (1% change acceptable)
7 Specific Gravity Test To determine the specific gravity of the specimen. With Hydrometer and Pygnometer. 975.00 per sample 1 kg
Tests for Rock Samples
8 Aggregate Impact Value (AIV) Test To determine the Aggregate Impact Value (a relative measure of resistance of the aggregates to sudden impact) An aggregate impact apparatus. 1,500.00 per test 10 kg Carried out during road construction, foundation study, etc.
9 Point Load Test To determine the rock strength index of a specimen. (which can then be used to calculate/ estimate the Uniaxial Compressive Strength) Point Load Test Machine. 800.00 per test 5 pieces of rock samples Quick and easy test. It is simple and convenient.
10 Porosity Test To measure the porosity of rock specimens. ASTM Standard Test method C97-83: Using Vacuum machine, desiccator, oven and Weighing machine. 675.00 per test 10 Pieces of rock samples Useful in understanding characteristics of the rocks mineral for hydrogeological or ground water or geotechnical studies, and oil and gas exploration etc.
11 Schmidt Hammer Rebound Test To determine the intact strength of the rock and the compressive strength of the rock (surface hardness and penetration resistance). Using a Schmidt Hammer 800.00 per test Per spot/ 22 readings. Usually an on site test but can also be carried out at the lab. (with the introduction of some correction factors laid out in the standards)

Fees/Charges for Diamond Drilling Services
# Purpose Depth of Borehole (meter) Rate per meter (Nu.) Remarks
1 Mineral Exploration 0-50 2500.00 (1) The TADA of drilling Staffs and other expenses for HSD, engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil etc. are not included in meterage charge. (2) 10% service charge will be applicable on the total estimation.
2 Engineering geological or geotechnical study (foundation study, slope stability, site suitability, etc.) 51-100 3500.00
3 Groundwater exploration >101 4500.00


1. Fees and charges or cost estimates for geological mapping, prospecting, exploration, engineering geology or geotechnical investigation, study of construction materials, field sampling, core logging, topographical survey and GIS, lecturing services will depend on duration, site condition and scope of work.

2. The fees and charges for identification of mineral or rock samples and geology and mineral resources data, report and map shall be updated.

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